University of Hawaii at Manoa

BA Hawaiian Studies; MA Pacific Island Studies; MA American Studies(n/c); Historic Preservationist, Cultural Traditions & PracticesEthnicityHistory,ArchaeologyPreservation 1995 – 2010

Hawaiian Studies Teacher at the University of Hawai'i & Kapi'olani Community College 10 yrs. I have taught political/Hawaiian history, culture, mythology, surfing and traditional sports histories of Hawai'i and its Native people; also certified Historic Preservationist and National Boating Instructor.  I am rebuilding our Hawaiian culture one stone at a time.


Kanalu President
National Safe Boating Council Instructor
Lead Instructor Kanalu Water Safety USLA
Lead Kanalu K38 Instructor


Clifford Pake Ah Mow was the City & County of Honolulu Ocean Safety’s lead PWC operator for many years, he retired in 2015 after an illustrious career.  He is a respected lifeguard from the island of Oahu. As a lifetime waterman with 25 years of ocean rescue, boating and Rescue Watercraft rescue experience he is the cornerstone of Kanalu (K38).

Pake has been active in training the next professional generation of ocean safety rescuers using Rescue Water Craft.  Pake and his partner Tom Pohaku Stone were the first certified boating safety instructors in Hawai’i through the National Safe Boating Council.

He has dedicated his profession to training public safety personnel and recreational Personal Water Craft in the proper use and standards that are necessary for safe and competent operations.

Pake, along with his Kanalu partners are active in promoting the use of Rescue Water Craft for military firefighters, lifeguards, and perimeter base security with a focus on each agencies particular mission.

Pake has been instrumental in establishing Kanalu as a United States Lifeguard Association (USLA) agency here in Hawai'i. Through his efforts Kanalu trains and certifies Kanalu Open Ocean Lifeguards dedicated to the safety of those who enjoy our unique ocean environment.

His dedication to service and standardization holds the demands of competent rescue boat operators to the best practices. This enables students to possess the proper competency and mental focus and skills to become strong guardians of the sea. Pake's concern for the current group of boaters and the next generation PWC operators is represented well in the Kanalu (K38) 'ohana. 

Pake has worked diligently educating and training others for several decades. Strengthening each one of his students to move forward beyond normal constraints, his legacy lives on through our student cadre and their dedication to exemplary service through professional behaviors.