Kanalu was created by Tom Pohaku Stone and Pake Ahmow with the sole desire to enhance and protect standards for public and professional boater safety education. This journey began in 2006 as they sought out a portal to enter into the advancement of their goals, they traveled to California and began their instructor qualification program in the cold Pacific Waters of Morro Bay under partnership with K38. A perfect proving ground for the oceans temperament perfectly suited for endurance, challenge and building the foundation of what was to come; facing the adversity of changing behaviors embraced through action and proven results tested by not just desire or passion, but dedication, persistence and a committed effort towards the greater good.


What came next began with Kanalu’s mission goals: to breathe new life into community service by focusing on the future of our children’s promise. Kanalu’s goal is to promote the cultural heritage and historic timelines of the Hawai’ian Kanaka Maoli ‘people’ embracing the future and attending to the awareness and creative spirit of those engaged in ocean activities today. 

Pohaku and Pake’s education and community efforts have an international outreach as much as a cornerstone in local roots. Both are respected Hawai’ian watermen; their lineage bears a distinction of our collective national treasures.  Earned from immersion in the elements and dedication towards others. Their combined pedigree of ocean knowledge runs through their heart and soul and is shared with their students, and easily identified by the Aloha spirit that embraces each individual on a personal level.

Kanalu - K38 is a United States based training company and non-profit, lifeguard service with international K38 licensed affiliates. Ongoing educational efforts of K38 and our instructor and affiliate base, leading PWC (Rescue Water Craft - RWC) rescue boat instruction and providing on water safety management for special events worldwide, including motion picture industry and other media outlets, mentorship and motivational programs nationally and internationally