Kanalu is a non-profit organization for the express purpose of cultural education based on the connection we continue to have with our ocean as Kanaka Maoli or Hawaiian's as we are known today. Through this organization we provide workshops and courses for history, hands on cultural practices, and water safety/boating/personal watercraft instruction that includes professional certification upon satisfactory completion. We provide water safety for events and productions. 

Through Kanalu we bring the living spirit that is Hawai'i - the "Ha" - or life of the people and place so it can be touched by all peoples, not just seen. As Native people we are alive and well riding the waves of our kupuna (ancestors).

Through our Kanalu website you can request learning material via email response, request a cultural adventure, explore paradise in a different way when you visit Hawai'i, integrate Hawaiian values and philosophy into your organization, or if you want to actually meet the native and learn who we are, get a head start as a young person, or just need help building your foundation we are there to kokua. Through traditional Hawaiian methods and values Kanalu can provide the support you need.

Kanalu K38 is an educational service provider for water safety, education, and rescue water craft training for personal watercraft and rescue water craft applications